Parking is available at the UH Recreation Center:

1.  Parking Garage across the street from the Rec Center on Calhoun.

Visitor Parking

UH Parking Garage

Visitor parking is available on the first two levels of the UH parking garages operated by PTS on an hourly basis.

Hours and Rates:

Weekdays 7 am – 5 pm

0 - 30 min

No Charge


31 min – 1 hr



1 hr 1 min – 1 hr 30 min



1 hr 31 min – 2 hr



2 hr 1 min – 2 hr 30 min



2 hr 31 min – 3 hr



3 hr 1 min – 3 hr 30 min



3 hr 31 min – 4 hr



Over 4 hr





Evenings (Weekdays from 5 pm until 7 am the following day) ,

Flat rate of $3.00

Weekends and University Holidays.

The first 30 minutes are not free when this rate is in effect.

Temporary Parking Lot Permits
Visitors must obtain and display a temporary parking permit when using campus parking areas other than parking meters, gated visitor lots, or parking garages. These permits are available at the Visitor Information Booths located on Entrance 1 (Calhoun and University Drive) and in Lot 15G (in front of Athletic/Alumni Building), or at the PTS office located in Room 112B of the Welcome Center Garage.

2. Parking meters on Calhoun side of the Rec Center

Parking Meters
Parking meters are located throughout campus. On-street meters have a maximum stay of one hour while off-street meters have a two-hour maximum. Time restrictions and hours of operation are also posted on the individual meters. Visitors anticipating a longer stay should purchase a visitor pass at the Information Booths, Entrance 1 and Parking Lot 15G, or park in a gated visitor’s lot. Parking permits are not a substitute for paying a meter.

$1.00 Hour

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