Facility Rules

The University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center


  • Two 1m and two 3m springboards
  • 1, 3, 5, 7.5, 10m platforms
  • State of the art bubble machine
  • Hot showers on deck
  • Largest jaccuzzi on the planet
  • Dry sauna on deck
  • Separate dryland facility with dryboard and trampoline
  • 17ft deep diving well


Facility Rules


  1. No parents on deck!
  2. Please do not disturb the divers during the workout – that includes calling the kids over to talk with them.
  3. Please make sure other children remain in the spectator area and do not allow them to roam in the facility.
  4. Coaches are available to talk after the workout is over.
  5. Please make sure cell phones are turned to vibrate mode when you are in the pool area.


  1. All divers must show proof of ID and be a current AAU or USA Diving member.
  2. No food or drinks allowed in the facility unless it is water.
  3. No gum or candy allowed in dryland room or diving pool area.
  4. No shoes allowed on deck – all divers must wear flip-flops on deck and in dryland area.
  5. No jewelry in the pool or in the dryland room. Leave all your jewelry in your bag.
  6. No divers allowed in dryland room without a coach.
  7. No diving unless a coach and a lifeguard are on deck.
  8. No kids allowed in the sauna.
  9. Divers must wear shorts, sandals and t-shirts in dryland room.
  10. When the workout is over all divers must exit the facility on a timely manner and parents will pick up divers in the main entrance area.
  11. All divers must leave the facility fully clothed and wearing shoes.

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